Photography is an art form and we present our views on the world throughout the day. (Author unknown)

I am a modern photographer! The world of photography is absolutely interesting with newest trends, of course, bringing my own, distinctive touch… Classics – black-and-white photography.

The camera alone does not make a man as a photographer as the pen does not make a man as a writer. The most important thing for a good photographer is to learn to think. (David Goldblatt)

It’s no secret that a good photographer must be a good psychologist to make you feel comfortable during the photo session and to reveal the true emotions inside a photograph.

We are worth as much as we are willing to share with others. (Moses Montefiore)

With years of experience in photography, I have accumulated tremendous baggage of knowledge and practice. Speaking of wedding photography, I will help you to “tone up” your wedding day from preparation (make-up, hairstyle), photo session, ceremony and location selection of banquet, etc. also to make your celebration cozy, bright and of course, extremely enjoyable!

I’m maximalist! I give myself 100% to work! And nothing is better than a warm word from a client for effort and work done who later becomes a friend!

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